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Please don’t simply take my word for it. Check out some of these excellent sources:

Tar Sands Oil and the Northern Gateway Pipeline



Rattlesnake moving across desert scrub in dappled light

Rattlesnakes in Arizona


Robert Latimer, in a classic filmic "beauty shot" – panoramic and glowing with evening light
Latimer Landscape


A man wearing an orange hardhat using a chainsaw to remove the top of a tree

Slow Death and the Felling of Trees




About the photographs in this blog:

Except where otherwise indicated, all of the photographs that appear in this blog were taken by my life partner, creative collaborator and dearest friend, Patricia Seeley.

The aerial view of a Syncrude strip mine in the Alberta Tar Sands featured in the post titled “All stories are about wolves” appears with copyright permission from photographer Garth Lenz.

The panoramic “beauty shot” of Robert Latimer is a screen image capture from the Global online video “Taking Mercy“.

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