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Tar Sands & the Pipeline

Sources  Aerial view of Syncrude strip mine in the Alberta Tar Sands

About the Tar Sands

  • The Pembina Institute, a Non-profit think tank on sustainable energy solutions, provides a useful primer on the tar sands, titled “Oilsands 101“.
  • The Polaris Institute “Tar Sands Watch” initiative offers a series of 10 factsheets on tar sands development.
  • Garth Lenz’s touring photographic exhibit, “The True Cost of Oil“, is a powerful exposé of vanishing boreal landscapes.

About the Northern Gateway Pipeline

About Stopping the Pipeline

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  1. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for your efforts on this issue. Could you please put a caption right on the image? ” Black Cliff, Courtesy ©Garth Lenz” If you are able to do something so the image cannot be easily clicked and draged to someone’s desktop that would be great. My images sometimes show up in the strangest places. Sometimes in ways which do not reflect my intentions and often in ways that undermine my work. I could send you a file that would have this caption embedded. I admire your commitment to this issue. All best,

    September 18, 2012
    • cfrazee #

      Hello Garth,

      Thank you for your support, and for your breathtaking work which inspired this post. Absolutely, I’ll adjust the image as you have requested. Shall send a private e-mail so that you can forward the caption-embedded file.

      September 18, 2012

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