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Slow death and the felling of trees

A long and wiry man perches high above my head, chainsaw in hand. I know little about him, except that his name is Lee and he and his bride are homesteading half a mile down the road from my coastal home. Read more

This land is my land: Robert Latimer and the plundered landscape

A slow pan to a classic frame. A solitary man stands on high ground in evening light, surveying land, sky, and settlement. The soundtrack is subtle but arresting: distant wind, giving way to the soft but urgent tapping of a single atmospheric note, then a persistent throb of airy, fluttering strings. Read more

Venom without malice: On first meeting a rattlesnake

A reptilian head appears from behind a large rock. Curious to decipher a species quite unlike the now-familiar collared lizard or whiptail, I sharpen my focus. And sharply, the threshold question is settled. This is a snake. Read more

“All stories are about wolves”: Thoughts on the Northern Gateway Pipeline

It’s the scale of it all that first assaults the mind.

Four and a half minutes into his January 9 TEDx talk – “The true cost of oil” – Garth Lenz projects an image of a 400 ton dump truck loaded with bitumen from the Alberta tar sands. Read more

Putting it out there: Blogging as declaratory practice

Writing augments life. That has been my experience. All that I see and feel, all that I think and know – it’s all better when I write.  Writing slows me, clears me, heartens me.

Hence this blog. Read more